It’s been 36 hours since I installed Windows7. Somethings I gathered:

  1. Installation is a snap
  2. Everyone thinks I’m crazy – especially those with Vista experience. Since I never used Vista – I have no idea what they’re talking about. For now – I love my Windows7.
  3.  There’s a key combination providedd by Windows to support projectors. Finally. I have these Lenovo combinations. The hibernate button on my Lenovo laptop was the Projector button on my HP laptop, so for the first couple of months I’ve closed my machine whenever I wanted to present something. Not cool!!!
  4. Most of the things are installed. At least the important stuff. 
  5. I gave up and instead of using my own private directories for files – I’ve placed everything under my documents. No more “c:My Music” but instead using a Music library.
  6. I hate Windows Media Player. Don’t know why. It downloads stuff for each MP3 I play. Why do I need it? But the media library is very nice. I’ll need to learn how to use it though.
  7. Took me a time to get accustomed to the small icons stuff on the TaskBar. Finally I gave up and displayed the labels as well.
  8. Can’t get used to the new Windows Explorer. So, I’ve downloaded Total Commander – which rocks, even on Windows7
  9. The fact that I can use Alt-Tab to “Show Desktop” isvery good.
  10. I need more hours in a day. And much more sleep.

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