Facebook App Development

So, preparing to my alphageeks lecture, I started building a demo facebook application. As always, I try to set the standard high – probably too high for my free time. So, mining facebook data is not interesting enough for me. Instead – I want to build a facebook applicaiton, that will be hosted on my page.

Not an easy task – let me tell you that.
  1. I started by downloading Apache-Tomcat 6, hoping it will run my application.
  2. Downloaded the Google Java Facebook API, and the web application that comes along with it. (See here)
  3. Deployed the web-app in Tomcat.
  4. Got tons of DB related problems – but I don’t care.
  5. Fixed params in the facebook.properties file (api_key, secret and callback)
  6. Got a static IP.
  7. Changed the facebook app call-back URL
  8. Added my custom code to the web-app.
  9. Voila – all works.

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