WPF and Silverlight

Wow. 2 weeks since my last post. Had about 100 twits since then. Just goes to show you.

Anyway, I was asked to give a presentation to a customer concerning Microsoft new technologies. I told them that I’m a Java guy – but they just asked me to do it anyway. What could I do?
So, I opened my VS.Net2010, and my PowerPoint 2007, and started making some slides. Talked about cloud (from Yahoo presentations), VSTS, SQL Server 2008 and more.
But the technology I’m most impressed with is Silverlight and WPF. Now, I’ve seen my share of WPF and Silverlight applications, and development demos. But working on these technologies using VS2010 is a great experience. I’ve developed 2 demos (on technologies I hardly know) in like 5 minutes. And comparing it to my VB6 experience way back, I had to say WOW. WPF is clean, organized, very well documented and understandable. Compared to SWING/AWT/SWT – it is much simple to use, the applications run faster, and the development tool is much much better.
For short – the old best practice – of building client UIs in MS technologies, and backend systems with Java technologies, and connecting the dots with Web Services/REST/JSON – seems to still be in place.

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