Working with Linkedin

I’ve found that I’m using LinkedIn more and more. As a matter of fact – I think I spend around 2-4 hours a week on LinkedIn – getting new connections, sending messages, and finding leads. Heck – I even found a recommendation for my kid’s kindergarden from LinkedIn. Not exactly what I would expect from a professionals network.

But mostly – I try to hire people through LinkedIn. All our tests found this to be the most effective way to get CVs. From around 700 connections I usually get 40 responses (not all from my connections, and I also post in groups I belong to) – around 80% of them relevant. Much better than the junk I get from web based hiring sites, or from head hunters.
Still – I have a problem. Can’t understand why LinkedIn limits me in sending messages to only 50 people at once. Considering all of these guys are my friends – LinkedIn shouldn’t care about that. Heck – if they only offer this option for premium sites – I’ll go premium (they don’t, however).
What to do? Can’t say it here (haven’t checked the legal stuff yet). But I might have found a solution. It involves coding however. Tons of coding. Luckily I have strong Java roots…

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