WebSphere 7 book by Packtub

Well, I was asked by Packtub to review their new book on WebSphere Application Server 7. It was 3 month ago, but I finally got around to it.

The book starts kinds of slow – downloading WinSCP and Putty, installation on Linux. Not sure this is the most common developer scenario.
And I’m not sure I would learn WebSphere App Server for the first time from a book…
But then the book starts to kick off – Chapter 3 talks about Security. Insane – considering the fact that 90% of the WebSphere administrators I know don’t know how to configure security. And they go into detail – configuring LDAP and stuff.
Then they go on on Tracing, Performance – what everybody should know – and they explain it in a step-by-step manner.
So from my side – I think it’s a good book. Especially since so few people really understand how to work with WebSphere App Server.
On the down side – there is no Web Services chapter. With the new Web Service pack (available in WAS 6.1 and builtin in WAS 7) it’s impossible to configure web services in WAS, and it’s a shame the book didn’t cover this complex topic (especially web services security).

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