MySQL replication on Windows

I feel like a real MySQL replication configuration wiz these days – I can probably even do it with my eyes closed.
But lately, I had the joy of configuring MySQL replication on Windows. I don’t know why, don’t know how – but all configurations in the my.ini file just didn’t work. I constantly got the server-id param not set error on the slave database.
Finally, I gave up. I opened MySQL Workbench, configured the remote administration capabilities, and walla – everything worked like a charm.

5 thoughts on “MySQL replication on Windows

    1. If you need replication – it works great. It will slow down your primary server though. Have you tried configuring replication already?


      1. We don’t currently have MySQL. In essence – we don’t really have a proper database. We are using ZODB.
        What good mechanism can we have for replicating MySQL across WAN that won’t slow down the main server? I can take a few minutes of “loss”


      2. MySQL replication should be good enough for you. Since it’s a-synch, it works OK on WAN too – but the loss might be more than a few minutes…


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