Monitoring seda queues with JBoss JMX console

In my current project we’re using camel, and depend heavily on it’s seda technology.
Since we didn’t monitor our queues at first, we encountered OutOfMemory exceptions constantly (usually after ~48 hours of heavy use).
We overcome this by limiting the size of the seda queue (using the size attribute – see here for more info).
But now we face QueueFull exceptions, and need to constantly monitor the queues for their size. Since our application runs on top of JBoss, we can use their JMX API for that. And since I’m a bit lazy – I’ve decided to access it through their HTTP jmx-console.

package com.tona.monitor;


public class Main {
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
		String[] urls = new String[] {
		FileWriter fos = new FileWriter("/tmp/queue_log" + System.currentTimeMillis() + ".csv");

		for (String url : urls) {
			System.out.print(getQueueName(url) + ",");
			fos.write(getQueueName(url) + ",");
		boolean flag = true;
		while (flag) {
			for (String url : urls) {
				URL u = new URL(url);
				InputStream is = u.openStream();
				int i = 0;
				ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
				while ((i = > 0) {

				// System.out.println(baos.toString());
				String body = baos.toString();
				int start = body.indexOf("<pre>");
				int end = body.indexOf("</pre>");
				String numOfMessages = body.substring(start + 5, end).trim();
				System.out.print(numOfMessages + ",");
				fos.write(numOfMessages + ",");


	private static String getQueueName(String url) {
		String queueNameStart = "seda%3A%2F%2F";
		String queueNameEnd = "%5C%3";
		int queueNameStartPos = url.indexOf(queueNameStart) + queueNameStart.length();
		int queueNameEndPos = url.indexOf(queueNameEnd);
		if (queueNameEndPos == -1)
			queueNameEndPos = url.length();
		return url.substring(queueNameStartPos,queueNameEndPos);


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