Well, I’ve installed my Windows7 machine, liked it, and so on. However, with Windows7, comes IE8. Now, I still used IE on my old machine (XP) since some sites demands IE (my bank site, government – pay taxes site and my favorite – Matrix internal portal). But I’ve moved to FireFox3 a long time ago, and never looked back.

However, on Windows7 – no more FireFox. Only Chrome. I’ve used it before, but now it is my default (and practically only) browser. IE8 is there – for the IE required sites, but I never even tested it. Just installed Chrome – and off we go.
The most useful feature about Chrome is it’s layout. No Windows title – so more browsing space. Address-bar is merged with search-bar, few management icons – hell I even leave the links bar activated – my first time ever.
And you have a really cool ability to take a tab and drag it to a new window, and vice-verse.
And it is quick. Really.
However, Shockwave plugin works terrible on Chrome. Some sites ( for instance) use Shockwave for commercials, and my page gets stuck. Luckily (and unlike FireFox) Chrome isn’t hang over Shockwave – only closes the misbehaving tab. So for now – Chrome is my browser of choice. 
One more word for Google – quickly you guys, release a plugin environment. Everyone is waiting…