Hi there. My name is Liran Zelkha and I am THE consultant you want to work with. In the last 10 years I have assisted hundreds of companies to successfully complete their software projects, for both code (in Java, PHP or Ruby) or ops (be it MySQL, Oracle or your favorite Cloud platform).

Where do you want to see your project? Late? #epic #fail? Do not reinvent the wheel. Let me save you the time and money that comes with failed project. You can depend on me! It’s my responsibility to make sure you Succeed.

“I am familiar with Liran while working with him on several joint projects: – as a coacher – facilitating conversion of ABAP programmers to Java world – as a lecturer – delivering courses of J2EE and Oracle Fusion in BMC – as a senior consultant – consulting BMC projects in Oracle Fusion environment In all these projects he demonstrated himself as outstanding expert in Java and Oracle technologies. His dedication, flexibility and openness were among those key factors, that several times helped us to achieved the required business targets. His communication skills makes interaction with Liran very friendly and people were always willing to work with him. I can recommend Liran as a technical lead for any complex project on the cutting edge of Java and/or Oracle technologies He is an excellent professional and very nice guy. Boris Goldberg Senior Architect BMCSoftware” Boris Goldberg, BMC

Some of my customers include big names like Amdocs, Teva, Cisco, Red Hat and Ruckus Wireless, and also smaller names – like Jungo, Cloudyn, Cyber-Ark and many more.

If you decide you want to work together, I will introduce you to my consulting process, so I can make sure I give you the best value money can buy.

“Liran is a true professional. Working with business integrity and best of practices service delivery. Working with Liran is both pleasure and business wise beneficial.” Noam Wekser, Oracle

I’m known to finish projects quickly meeting time and budget constraints, so drop me an email at liran@tonaconsulting.com.

Everybody can be a consultant, but only I can get you these great additional values:

  1. Immediate assistance (yes – even in the middle of the night)
  2. Years of experience
  3. Off site or on site consulting
  4. Incredibly wide technological experience – starting with Java, PHP and Ruby programming languages, going to BigData technologies, like MySQL, MongoDB and other noSQL technologies, and settling on UI frameworks, web services, BPM and other related tools.