Billing software evaluation

I’m doing a new project for a customer, who wants me to write the licensing/billing module in his PHP app. So, the first thing is to decide on the billing software to use. I came up with this table (kind of a braindump thing), trying to evaluate the different solutions I found.


# Item PayPal Chargify Zuora Plimus
1. API
2. Charge via API V V V V
3. Subscription registration via API V V V V
4. Allow changes in subscription plan/price via API ? V V V
5. Get billing information (invoices) via API V V V V
6. Notifications V (API) V- (not API, but can be automatic) V (API) ?
7. Send invoices to customers V V V V
8. Billing management
9. Discounts V V V
10. Chargeback V V V V
11. Custom workflows for issue management X X V ?
12. Prepay discounts V- Manual
13. Accept credit cards V V V V
14. Environment
15. Free test account V V V V
16. Site stores customer payment information V V V V
17. Integration with SF X X V X
18. Pricing 2.9% + 0.30c per transaction 99$/month (depend on number of customers), additions for gateways Not published 8% per transaction
19. Customer self service portal V V V V

What do you think? Any major player I’ve left out? Anything I should add to my criteria?


I’ve started with PayPal – they have terrible documentation and API. Took me a day to actually do something – but it worked. Only then I discovered that subscriptions require a PayPal account. So I’m now evaluating Zuora. I’ll post my experience with them in future posts.