Revisiting ZenDesk

Well, I had a chat with the ZenDesk team about a week ago (and was just too damn busy to blog – sorry about that). And it turns out I was mistaken, partly because a ticket I opened with the ZenDesk team was not clear enough.
It turns out that we can have a better process with ZenDesk than with SalesForce Support – the minute a user registers with ScaleBase, a trigger is activated in SalesForce, which can call ZenDesk API (see more documentation here), create a user for our customer – and send the customer an automatic email.
Since this task is manual in SalesForce – ZenDesk wins by far.
Currently we don’t have the time to switch support environments, but ZenDesk is great, high on our list of tasks – and we’ll probably return to use their environment in a few month.