More on Windows7

I can promise that this would be the last post on Windows7, but that would be a lie…

Anyway, Eclipse3.4 (Ganymede) now works on my machine. What changed? I don’t know. I did nothing, that’s for sure. But Windows7 is starting an irritating habit of restarting during the night. Now since I am (still!!! damn IBM) downloading the 5.5GB of WID, this freezes my download, and I need to wake up to continue the download manually. Luckily, my 4month old – Naama, is waking at 5:30, so I don’t lost much download time.
In addition, I updated my network drivers, and it seems my browsing experience is much improved, thank you. I saw allot of questions in the forums on this – slow browsing/downloading – so I guess that this is quite common. I hope I am behind this topic. Only 1 hour to finish download WID. I am not sure, but I might install it on Ubuntu. I downloaded the VM yesterday.
After that – downloading an Oracle DB VM. Oh – and I’m working too. But that – on my next post.

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