WebServices Reliable Messaging

A customer of mine asked me to build a POC of using WS-RM with CXF, C# and Oracle Service Bus. Against my better judgement – I said yes. I know it doesn’t work – but I’m always up to the challenge.

Turns out documentation is shitty at best. Vendors provide a one-page demo, using messaging infra or embedded HTTP servers – no web containers or web servers.
So – I have decided to start with .net and CXF and leave the OSB for later.
The pain is installing VS2010 Beta 2 over my machine which had VS2010 Beta 1 – a version that was deleted a couple of month ago.
You can’t install VS2010B2 on a B1 computer – you must do a reinstall of B1, then uninstall it, then install B2.
Bloody nightmare.

2 thoughts on “WebServices Reliable Messaging

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